On Jobs & Work…


As I approach one year since I quit my job, it’s becoming a new normal…but my new normal seems so foreign in this world we live in.

I sometimes still search for jobs, just to see what’s out there.

I search Craigslist & Macslist & LinkedIn & Remote.co & Remoteok.io & Indeed for keywords like “wilderness” and “outdoors” and “wildland” and “farm” and “parks” but still somehow get referrals for jobs like marketing and social media and communications and strategy and budgets and campaigns.

I’m inspired by the former, and almost instantly dizzied, sullened and develop a headache when even just reading through the latter. What changed?

Well, everything has changed. In that, how I spend my time & how I invest my energy are paramount. We have such precious little time on this planet to make an impact, love people and change the world that I just can’t even see myself doing something without purpose, lacking passion & impact on others…I’m sure there is a mix of it all out there. The ‘perfect job’ still alludes me. I’ve thought I’d found it a few times over the years, but to no avail it never was.

For now, I’ll settle with being a simple, broke servant who spends as many nights outside as I do inside. The money’s not great, but the payment I receive in peace surpasses all my understanding and makes no sense, I’m just gonna go with it.

I’m going to chase the hope, chase the peace, chase the purpose, chase the impact, chase the passions placed in my soul. I’ll manifest opportunities, creatively connect, dream big dreams.

I’ll continue to write, teach, heal, recover, rest, sit, be….I’ll work my way into a recreation & redesign of my career through the work, the action, the discipline, focus & dedication. I’ll focus on what matters and let go of figuring out the rest or wrestling with the worldly concerns.

I’ll keep a priority on people, and being where I want to be with who I want to be with. I’ll get dirty, stay dirty, live in the woods and explore more. I’ll do things I’m scared to do, go places that are new.  I’ll let my heart lead and my soul guide.

And I’m sure that I’ll keep occasionally searching for jobs, but the keywords will keep evolving…

Grace & peace,


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