On Crowds


The more and more my journey turns inward, the less and less comfortable I become with the external, the people, the noise, the distractions.

I seek a quiet life of simplicity & gratitude, peace & presence. I’m not interested in the speed and pace of daily life living in a (rapidly) growing Pacific Northwest urban hotspot. People are everywhere, the noise inescapable, the pace hectic & nerve-wrecking.

Some of my friends call me ‘Grandpa’ and they have no idea how representative of the real me it is. It’s funny, but it’s not. It’s great, but it’s loud. It’s slow, but the world still moves rapidly.

It’s almost like I’m in a movie scene where I’m moving in slow motion while the world around me moves at hyper speed. If you ever recognize it, you’ll understand. And if not, I’d highly recommend slowing down to experience it.

Just for a few minutes or a day or even more, just let go of it all. The distractions, the devices, the hurry, the schedules, the rush. Get out into the wilderness. Go somewhere where it’s just you and the birds and the sounds of the wind. Or go inside, to a quiet place within yourself if you can’t get away.

Getting outside, going within & becoming quiet has started me on a journey that’s led to a connection to a source of power & strength & peace I’d always sought and a deeper understanding of the world within & around me.

Grace & peace,



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