On weather…

There’s a line I really like from a silly movie I’ve watched way too many times to admit, which is Paul Rudd saying ‘oh, the weather outside is weather’ to the tune of Let it Snow. I find it hilarious so I say it often, and if people know what I’m talking about, they get a chuckle.
But like most of the time when I’m talking about random things I’m laughing silently inside while whoever I’m talking with has no idea what I’m talking about. It’s a thing. And I’m good with it, like most things in my life.
So here’s the deal though, and how it is in my life. I usually don’t check the weather. Like rarely ever. And while my approach requires being overly prepared for most of whatever will come my way, I’ve realized it’s not how everybody operates.
Some people I know are keenly aware of what the weather’s gonna be. And when it’s going to be. And that’s just not a thing on my radar (see what I did there?).
My approach is usually more like looking out the window. Or going outside. That’s sufficient. And the technique I’ve found gives me 100% correct information every time. That’s how I check the weather. Because like Rudd says, the weather outside is weather. And where I live for most of the year, if it doesn’t work for whatever you’re doing or want to do, just wait five minutes.
Because there’s not really anything we can do about it. And really no way we can control it. Or change it. So I figure what’s the worth in investing any time or energy or effort into it?
Yesterday, for example, I was with a friend going through some camera stuff and showing her (as best I know, which is really quite little) and explaining things like aperture, shutter-speeds, ISO, etc. and how all those things work together.
Outside light usually always beats indoors, so I picked a park kind of in between where we live to meet up, packed the cameras and lenses up along a couple of jackets and some gloves and off I went.
I knew there were some covered group shelter areas, so I figured we’d just meet up in one of them and do some stuff there and maybe walk around through the gardens or fields if we could. Just go as it be. Walk around with a camera. One of my favorite things to do.
And I never checked the weather, again, since the weather outside is weather. Well, as it turns out, we were treated to a spectacular lightning & thunder show followed by a torrential downpour then to a magnificent rainbow. I couldn’t have planned it better. We took the ‘classroom’ photography lesson for lack of a better term out into the park’s rose garden, caught sun-filled puddle reflections, shot flowers and the sky and birds and wooden structures, park benches and brick pathways.
Then, to today, so I was sitting around thinking about the weather we were having both here near where I am – sunshine, torrential downpours, tornadoes, even an earthquake not too far away…I know, I know, not technically weather…but you get the point. Then I was thinking about the rest of the country – catastrophic wildfires, major hurricanes and associated flooding & destruction. It’s nuts. Like end-of-days nuts. Just take a read through the Good Book and you can’t miss the repetitiveness promise of it.
Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 17.12.50.png
The last thing I want for the weekend is severe concern. Why would anyone want to know this or read this?
Of course, it helps that I’m a fan of weather. All kinds of weather. I don’t mind it coming and I don’t mind it changing. The weather outside is weather.
Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 17.10.00.png
Then I was done thinking about weather and onto the next thing that piqued my curiosity. I think it was urinals.

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