On Distractions…

Many are the distractions of the world. To keep us busy & sick & subdued & submissive & apathetic.

Illusions of connections, amid seas of lonely, sick & suffering souls. Illusions of happiness, satisfaction, joy yet simply shallow, lacking full depth.

Comparison robs & steals us of our life in our lives. How we spend our moments, therefore, our lives become.

Hopeless, despair-filled, contempt-laced, anger-laden, cynical & jaded. It’s easy to see everywhere through a filter of perception.

Many are the practices toward wholeness. But first, destroy all distractions & see them for what they are.

See them for what they do to your soul, to your heart. See them for the illusions they are.

For they all promise one thing, yet deliver another. Open your eyes to the ways of the working in your heart.

Fill your moments with peace & joy, through sacrifice, encouragement, simplicity, quiet & solitude. Love others. Give freely.

For you will never find your way mindlessly doing what everyone else is doing.


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