On Sitting With Death…

I sit comfortably with death.

I’ve been with loved ones the days of their last breaths. I’ve watched family & friends enter the life beyond, certain of where they’re going.

I’ve sat with those, whose greatest fear of being forgotten lingered. I’ve seen peace, I’ve watched angst. It’s been ok and it’s been riddled with agony.

I sat today with a friend exploring that place, we discussed grief and death, renewal and processing, perspective and meaning.

In this life, all will wither and fade. Everything that was once new will become old and be gone again, to the place of its beginning.

How we live in that place, how we operate within those places of suffering and pain and loss – there truly lies our hope.

There in that place deep within us each, a place for the listening, for the seeking, for the welcoming…the friend to the soul, that fills unlike any other.

A place of rest, a place for pain, a place of peace.

I sit in that place, comfortably, to love and give and pour into others. Moments I could do without, but when the moment comes, I’ll sit comfortably with you.

I wonder who will sit with there with me.


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